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  • I currently own a 2018 F350. Can you build a Sintor from my truck?
    Absolutely! We can use just about any 2017+ Ford F-350 Super Duty truck as a platform.
  • Currently I don’t own a Superduty. Can I buy a finished truck from you?
    Yes! We partner with multiple Ford dealers to give you the best available inventory and pricing. We also have demo vehicles for sale from time to time that are available for immediate delivery.
  • Who makes the suspension?
    The suspension is our own. It has been designed and built specifically for our Sintor builds. We can custom tailor the suspension to individual customer needs whether it be towing, off roading, daily driver duties, and everything in between.
  • What size tires are those? How’s the ride?
    Every Sintor runs on DOT approved 46” Michelin tires. Each tire has a 10,000 lb rating. EACH TIRE!! The ride is incredible. You can feel the knobs up to about 5mph and then it smooths out and is a very well rounded and excellent handling tire, both on and off-road.
  • What does a Sintor build consist of?
    We start with a 2017+ Ford F-350. Each Sintor is a labor of love with hundreds of hours spent to transform a normal F-350 into a SINTOR. We remove the stock front clip, fenders grille headlights, etc. The factory front substructure is removed for room for our Sintor substructure. The rear bedsides are removed and wheel wells are cut for the build. At that point we start constructing our sub structure. This allows us to mount the F-150 headlights and the widened front grille and add extra structural integrity to the front end of the truck. Once the headlights are mounted the front fenders can go on. All gaps are checked to factory spec. Then the rear fenders are mounted and our wheel well tubs are welded into the bed. From this point the truck goes to suspension. We remove the factory front axle and suspension to make room for our upgraded F-450 axle and Sintor suspension kit. The frame rails are prepped and our coilover conversion kit is installed. Once the front is completed we move to the rear suspension. Leaf springs are installed and the axle is welded for our bypass shock mounts. At this time we install our 5” DPF back exhaust system. Once suspension is done the truck body can either get painted, wrapped or sent off for final assembly if you choose our optional exposed carbon fiber fenders. Final assembly is when all the fun stuff happens and most of your optional equipment is installed. Bumpers, lights, clear bra, Sintor graphics, tire rack, etc. Obviously this is a 10,000ft view of the process but hopefully this gives an idea of the work and detail that goes into each build.
  • How much is your average build cost? What is the process?
    Your average build cost is right around $100k, not including truck. That is a complete, running, driving Sintor truck. It is such a custom vehicle its hard to put a definitive price we can range from $100k to "sky is the limit". The process is straight forward. After we go over options and your personal build cost, a build slot deposit is made and a start date is given to you. We will need your truck the week before your scheduled start date. From the start date our build time is roughly 90-120 days a lot of it depends on options.
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